Wednesday, February 22, 2017

TAKING OUT THE TRASH! Reince Priebus Just Ended All The Russia-Trump Lie...

The MSM are FAKE NEWS and LIARS! God bless President Trump! Go KICK SOME ASS, President Trump! The MSM are PISSED OFF because We the People, are AWAKE and AWARE of you POS intent to try and destroy OUR President Trump!! We KNOW NOT to listen to any of you LYING assholes!! 
You BIASED MSM ASSHOLES are an ENEMY of America!! Stand strong, Reince Priebus!! They want to bring our president down, it is NOT happening!! SHUT UP, and STOP interrupting Priebus! We put up with eight years of the ILLEGAL BASTARD OBAMA! We do get to tell you what to do! I hope that you all go BROKE!! It is TRAITOROUS and you are an ENEMY of the people! I know that you people's ratings are in the TOILET!! 
TERRORIST OBAMA HAD NO RIGHT TO PUT SANCTIONS ON RUSSIA FOR GOSSIP!! Obama LIED!! Russia did NOT interfere in our elections!! It PISSES you off that we voted in President Trump!! GET OVER IT LOSERS!

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